+ Cultural Analysis

We believe that for deep, long-term cultural change we need to work at both individual and group levels. So, as part of all packages, we provide deep knowledge of your organisation based on anonymised data from our programmes.

People are shaped by their environments. If you want to foster a culture of authenticity, innovation and resilience, you need to understand the wider culture your employees are embedded in.

Our insights, gathered from anonymised feedback from users and accelerators, will give you the authentic feedback your employees won’t tell you in reviews or surveys. And our AI data, aggregated across cohorts, will tell you what’s really going on under the surface for your people.

We combine this unique dataset with deep knowledge of group dynamics, pooling experience in behavioural, neuroscience and psychodynamic approaches. The feedback you receive will be unique in its depth and insight.

We won’t shy away from challenging you. Authenticity drives what we do and is the source of our results.

If you’re ready for the challenge, why not get in touch?