When it comes to diversity, we’re the experts. Our powerful combination of supportive human relationship and deep insights is the solution where traditional diversity programmes are failing.

The usual responses to diversity aren’t working. Training and awareness-raising only go so far. Whether it’s in the gender pay gap, or the lack of BAME people in leadership positions, we are still failing.

Why? Because diversity issues go deeper than surface-level knowledge. They touch on our hidden parts: the unconscious biases, automatic responses and culturally-conditioned attitudes that we may not even be aware we are carrying. 

To be biased is to be human: It is what we do with this knowledge that counts. Because for most of us, these hidden parts of ourselves can arouse intense feelings of discomfort and shame. To face them, we need a safe, non-judgemental space where we feel free to explore the outer edges of who we are, what we feel, and what we want.


Our programmes give employees tailored access to this space through the relationship with a trusted accelerator. Focusing on their individual needs, they’ll build self-awareness through reflection and deep AI insights. Within the framework of regular video consultations and online chat, the insights they gain can be worked through in a supportive and open environment, allowing self-awareness, confidence and adaptability to grow.

Our programmes are ideal for accelerating BAME employees, women, or across the workforce to help build self-awareness of unconscious bias, internalised discrimination, confidence and communication skills.

+ Cultural Analysis

We believe that for deep, long-term cultural change we need to work at both individual and group levels. So, as part of all packages, we provide deep knowledge of your organisation based on anonymised data from our programmes.

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