Brilliant leadership transforms organisations. Our programmes help great leaders perform to their full potential by rapidly building self-awareness, adaptability and communication skills.

In study after study, emotional intelligence is the key underlying trait of powerful leaders. Self-awareness empowers charismatic leaders to become persuasive, supportive and authentic communicators with their teams. Empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives helps them manage conflict, and building deep knowledge of their own attitudes and values helps drive ambition and confidence.

And when you invest in your leaders’ development, those impacts cascade down through the organisation, creating change in colleagues, teams and communities.


Our acceleration packages for leaders and high-potential employees work to build their natural capacities and rapidly enable greater self-awareness, with proven results in participants’ communication, wellbeing and self-knowledge.

We combine the depth and containment of the human-to-human relationship between accelerator and user with the powerful insights of AI feedback, picking up on the unconscious patterns often invisible at the surface level. Within the trusted relationship between user and accelerator, difficult insights can be reflected on and worked with.

Each user gains access to our app, a valuable space in which to reflect, experiment and grow. Online video consultations run alongside chat, self-reflective space and hand-picked resources to consolidate and expand experiential learning.

+ Cultural Analysis

We believe that for deep, long-term cultural change we need to work at both individual and group levels. So, as part of all packages, we provide deep knowledge of your organisation based on anonymised data from our programmes.

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Rapidly build employee self-awareness through our powerful human-AI model.


See your employees flourish with increases in productivity, loyalty and wellbeing.


Bring out the natural firepower of your leaders and change-makers.


Our programmes give them the support, insight and space to help their ideas drive dynamic change in your organisation.

Inclusion & Diversity

When it comes to diversity, we’re the experts.


Our powerful combination of supportive human relationship and deep insights is the solution where traditional diversity programmes are failing.

Transformational Change

Increase the capacity for resilience in the face of continuous change.


Help your leaders and employees meet uncertainty and marshal the resources they’ll need to face complexity with courage, and thrive.

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