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Nov 2020 Our Head of Insights Caron Evans featured in an article on how the pandemic has impacted women leaders in Forbes magazine:

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Jun 2020 Our CEO, Kendal Parmar, appeared on a panel at CogX alongside CTO, Brendan O'Hara and CPO, Caron Evans to talk about AI and the pandemic .

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Jan 2020 Our Co-founder Kendal was in Davos at the end of January for the WEF, spreading our message about the power of AI to help people know themselves better and improve their mental health.

In between meetings she moderated a panel in the Equality Lounge for Female Quotient, exploring how we achieve equality in tech this decade, and she spoke in the UN SDG Media Zone on the future of work, AI and mental health.

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Dec 2019 Untapped's work in diversity and mental health was featured in the Mad World Summit newsletter.

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Oct 2019 Our Co-Founder Kendal spoke at the Dreamtek Power Women event at Adobe in London. She talked about the importance of vulnerability and mental health at work through her own experiences.


Oct 2019 Our Co-founder Kendal was on Sky News speaking about the impact of gaming addiction in her own life. She’s long been campaigning for the issue to be recognised in the NHS, which finally happened last week. You can see the clip here:

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Sep 2019 Our Founder Kendal Parmar at the Women in Tech event in Dublin.


Kendal spoke about women’s innate confidence and asked what’s holding us back from using it. Companies are screaming out for the very qualities that we women have by nature: Our emotional intelligence, our humility, our self-reflective capacity and ability to be vulnerable.

And she got the delegates roaring as she explored her own experiences of confidence.

You can watch her speech here:


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May 2019 Our Co-founder Kendal spoke at the Dreamtek #DTPowerwomen event at Facebook HQ in Dublin


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March 2019 Huffington Post article: How the modern workplace still shames women.

UA Claire wrote about how women are still held back by structures of shame in our workplaces and wider culture. Read more here...

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