How do you enthuse and empower your employees to negotiate change?

How do you drive a genuine culture of innovation, openness and inclusion?

In the face of rapid technological change, how do you ensure humanness is the lifeblood of  your organisation?


At Untapped, our radical model fosters deep, transformational change in the complex areas training and traditional coaching can’t reach. Our unique programmes combine transformational human relationships with the disruptive power of AI feedback, all tailored to the individual.


Humans are complex.

Even where we want to change our mindsets and behaviours, we get blocked.

By habits. By neural shortcuts. By automatic thoughts:

I can't, shouldn't, mustn't'.

By unconscious patterns embedded deep into our neural networks over years.

Training can’t reach these deep places. And formulaic exercises won’t cut it.

So we don’t rely on training, exercises or rule-based learning.

Our programmes provide a structured, supported space in which users gain self-awareness, take risks and experiment, all with powerful reflective feedback from their personal Untapped Accelerator (UA) and AI.

Our AI Insights show the following average shifts in users who engage in 3 to 6 month programmes with Untapped:



Humanity is at the core of what we do. Our programmes foster the authentic humanity of users, teams and organisations through the depth and containment of the human-to-human relationship.

Each user has access to a personal UA, chosen by us for their emotional intelligence and trained in-house. Always confidential, our online platform provides a safe space for users to explore the edges of who they are through video consultations and online conversation. Self-reflective space and hand-picked resources consolidate and expand experiential learning.


At the same time, our advanced AI mines consultations and online chat, providing deep personality insights based on the automatic thought and behaviour patterns you may not even be aware of. In the security of a strong relationship with their UA, users can engage with the transformational potential of disruptive challenge.

What is unconscious becomes conscious. Our original model combines the nuanced containment of human relationship with the disruptive jolt of sudden, deep insight. Unlocked by AI. Worked through in the secure relationship between user and UA. 

Rigorously tested and measured using our Untapped 7 metric, created through extensive  multi-disciplinary research, honed through practical application and supervised learning. Our results speak for themselves.

Peak Performance

Promotion       Retention       Engagement       Happiness

Untapped 7

Confidence    Innovation    EQ    Communication    Adaptability    Ambition    Productivity

Untapped 5-a-day Mental Fitness

Kindness                     Gratitude                    Reflection                    Connection                    Physical Health

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