Emotional Intelligence Experts

The most human of qualities is the capacity to build relationships and trust.

Evolving Platform

Our intelligent platform gets better and better with more data.

Blind Spot AI

This is our disruptive game-changer stimulating the counterintuitive.

Research & Neuroscience

Harnessing the brain’s plasticity to make change.

Our unique methodology has been honed over 6 years of working with users in

43 cities across the world in the Tech, Professional & Financial Services sectors.


How Untapped AI looks after your data:

1.  Your data is for you, to use for yourself. Untapped AI doesn't share it with anybody.

2.  Untapped AI protects your confidentiality because it’s crucial to the building of trust.  We can't do the work we do without you trusting us.

3.  We ensure that all conversations on our platform are secure. We encrypt all data in transit and at rest. Data stored is accessible only within a private network that is not accessible from the public internet. We adhere to the highest of AWS best practices.     .