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How Disruptive AI Unlocks Powerful Self Awareness

Most of our day-to-day interactions with AI are designed to smooth out our experience of the world. Netflix invites us to watch a film just like the one we enjoyed last night; our email accounts offer to finish our sentences, or a coaching platform aims to find us a coach who is a ‘good match’ for our personality. No kinks, little thought.

In all these interactions, AI seeks to ensure that our passage through the day is as comfortable and convenient as possible. And sure, comfort has its place in our lives. We all hurriedly escape into the security of familiar feelings, events and behaviours – it’s a deep-rooted human response to threat. But it can also mean that we avoid facing real, more difficult feelings and questions, steering clear of new experiences, and refusing to change even when we know, deep down, that change is sorely needed.

Many of the hyper-growth businesses that Untapped.AI support often face similar dilemmas. As they change and grow rapidly, their workers are pushed into the uncomfortable territory of adopting new skills, taking a leadership position perhaps for the first time, while making crucial decisions which will carve out their professional future. At Untapped.AI we know that making real change, in individuals and across whole organisations, means staying with that discomfort and facing it. Our EMCC accredited Untapped Accelerators, who work one-to-one with individuals across these companies, are effective because they challenge as well as support, gradually encouraging our users to peel back their defences to understand what is going on for them beneath the surface. Then through this increased self-awareness and incremental acts of agency, growth can take effect.

We all keep things hidden from others, but there are some areas we keep hidden from ourselves. Organisational psychologist, Tasha Eurich says research shows that 95% of people believe they are self-aware, but actually only 15% demonstrably are. And in the process of building self-awareness, we need to turn over those internal stones and have a peek at what lies beneath them. That can be a scary process but it’s also what makes real, deep change possible.

This approach lies at the foundation of our unique Untapped AI methodology. We already knew that AI could be a powerful tool to help us see the familiar patterns that we might not even be able to detect in ourselves - AI was created with this in mind. Our AI approach doesn’t soothe, comfort or give you more of the same content that you’ve liked in the past. And it definitely won’t attach you to someone that an algorithm has decided is a ‘good chemistry match.’

It is designed, to tell the truth, to individuals and whole organisations - and it will show you things you probably will not recognise about yourself. And when an individual can see those patterns then they can begin to address the tricky problems in their organisations that no amount of training or coaching seems to really deal with - whether that be in managing complex change, diversity, and inclusion, or powerful leadership development.

So if you want to delve into the uncertain, uncomfortable, honest mindset of truly building self-awareness, then we are going to have to come out of our comfort zones – and AI can be a powerful tool to help you get there...

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