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I Wouldn’t Be Me… If It Wasn’t For You

Women make up 75% of Untapped.AI’s workforce. Our CEO is a woman of colour, and it’s women who are behind the research and production of our unique AI process which deepens our clients’ understanding of themselves. So, not only do we empower other women in business, we lead by example. Our aim is to accelerate as many women as possible into positions of influence so they can affect change, culture, perception, inclusion and diversity.

And with all the women we support, they each have a story to tell. Some are inspiring; others are downright shocking. One Head of Talent in a media company told us that her boss couldn’t give her a promotion because, he said, she was a mother of three and her focus and commitment would always be elsewhere!

But today, on International Women’s Day, we are concentrating on the strengths. The tales of women who break the bias, forge a strong pathway through the barriers and use personal acts of agency to prove over and over that women are often the most capable of all.

Women are great leaders

“When I started Untapped.AI my passion was to encourage women into leadership roles and to take ownership of their careers, even though I often heard that men typically got promoted quicker than their female colleagues. Yet our AI analysis shows that women consistently score high on EQ. They have the capacity to understand and nurture the needs of others, seeing beyond the self and building meaningful connections to create strong teams and lasting commitment. All essential and commendable qualities for authentic leadership.”

Kendal Parmar, CEO Untapped.AI

Women know their worth

“When my eldest daughter left uni and landed her first full-time job in marketing, I could see she was throwing herself into the role, always diligent and hard-working. After her probation period ended, she had a meeting with her senior managers, which she was very nervous about. Part of her anxiety was around her salary which was on the low side, as many graduate salaries are. She had heard that another new (male) recruit was on slightly more, which quite rightly, irked her. She and I discussed this, exploring self-worth, the discomfort of asking for more money and speaking up. After our talk, she decided she would bravely raise the fact it was hard to survive in London on her salary and point out the discrepancy with this other employee. Although she was terrified, this act of agency literally paid off. Her boss was impressed by her bravery and agreed that it was unacceptable for another grad to be earning more than her. Not only did he up her salary - not by masses but enough to make a difference - he told her how valued she was and that she was doing a great job. I’m immensely proud of how she handled this situation and it’s taught her so much on so many levels. I trust this is one of the many acts of the agency she will carry out going forward and I’ll be cheering her on from the sidelines.”

Claire, mother of Ruby (a marketing assistant)

Women empower each other

“I’d been offered a top management position on the other side of the world and I was in such a dilemma about whether to take it. In all honesty, I was terrified! Not only did it mean leaving the life I knew, it meant a whole new load of responsibility and decision-making. I turned to my own boss for advice. I’ll never forget her words, ‘It’s time you took yourself seriously. She recognised that I was stuck in the comfortable shadows of familiarity in my current role, but she also knew that I’d eventually stagnate, get bored, and worse, resent being there. Even though she valued me as a crucial member of her team, she had the amazing grace to encourage me to go for it. I took her advice, bolstered by her belief in me, and I will be eternally grateful. It ended up being the best move of my life.”

Yvonne, CFO in a leading bank

Women do listen

“When no one else checked in with me to find out how I was managing, my female boss took me aside and asked that simple question. While it might not seem much, in a period of tough struggle, it meant everything to me. We talked about what was going on and she listened. For the first time in a long while, I felt truly heard and understood.”

Carole, Product Manager

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