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Why We Need to Advocate For Women Every Day

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

By Jenny Tucker

While it might take a specific date in the calendar, like International Women’s Day or Mother’s Day, to nudge us into recognising the exceptional women in our lives, the ongoing respect for females should surely be a dedicated and continuous commitment. Of course, these allocated dates are significant – we see worldwide Corporates standing loud and proud, naming those who beat the odds to secure positions of power in business, while social media is swamped with examples of women who have forged a courageous path for the next generation to follow. But what happens in all the other moments that don’t have an appreciation label attached to them?

At, we understand the value of ongoing support and sponsorship.The importance of the every day. It’s the basis of the work we do, enabling our clients to build enough self-awareness to impart, not only their professional know-how, but the commitment to empower a fellow worker. Our data proves that being an enduring advocate of another person significantly builds confidence, respect, accountability, EQ and positive exposure - for both parties.

Recently we asked our own community to consider the important women in their lives who had sustained and influenced them, especially in times of struggle. Often, the examples we received were of older women who had graciously passed on their wisdom and experience. We were humbled by the revelations about being ‘raised up’ by the generosity, warmth and love of another female. It seemed these women were more than just a mentor, they were promoters who really got stuck in, applauding the strengths of others while introducing them to influential networks and leading them consciously through the mire of hard times.

We heard comments like, ‘I completely trusted her’, ‘She shared her advice without judgement’, ‘She took me under her wing and believed in me’, ‘She is one of the points of my internal compass and I always carry her voice with me’. Abi, our COO, talked about a manager she had early on in her career who, ‘Saw my potential, and helped me grow through encouragement and appreciation. Her words have never left me and I will be forever grateful for the skills her beautiful example gave me.’

Yet this life-changing allegiance can only work if certain factors are in place. To give full support and unbiased advocacy to another, the Sponsor needs to sit in a position of stability themselves. When fear and hurt festers, confidence wanes or someone is struggling to cope with their own needs, there is little left to give elsewhere.

That’s why, at, we support the Sponsor. There is strength in empowerment, and the ripple effect is far reaching. Our approach means we are curious about the person, not just their profession. We aim to help build self-awareness, increase positive behavioural change and encourage collaborative relationships. Ultimately, it’s only when a person has an embedded sense of their own worth can they go forward and believe in the power of others. Once that is in place, systemic growth within the organisation is inevitable.

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