Increase the capacity for resilience in the face of continuous change.

Invest in the future of your organisation. Help your leaders and employees meet uncertainty and marshal the resources they’ll need to face complexity with courage, and thrive.

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Your organisation and people need to be ready to master the economic and political shocks they face today and in the coming decades.

While change is inevitable, the way we respond to it is not. Shaped by a combination of our external support systems and our internal psychological resources, our robustness in the face of change can be impacted and improved.

We know the importance of IQ and EQ. In the face of a fast-changing world, it is AQ - our adaptability quotient - which will define our capacity to cope, and flourish.


A programme with Untapped enables your people to rapidly build resilience, creating deep neural and behavioural changes that will equip them now and for the future.

Where management, training and coaching guide peoples’ behaviours, Untapped's unique combination of human relationship with AI insights grows self-awareness. Working at depth and with speed, peoples’ capacity to reflect on their behaviour and responses increases. Emotions are processed and contained, automatic responses give way to considered choices.

Meanwhile, our Untapped Accelerators (UAs) provide insights and live feedback through difficult transitions, ensuring concerns are aired and no one feels isolated as the reverberations of change unfold.

We unlock the potential and investment of broader change management programmes. We are the intelligent platform your organisation needs as you ride the wave of change.

+ Cultural Analysis

We believe that for deep, long-term cultural change we need to work at both individual and group levels. So, as part of all packages, we provide deep knowledge of your organisation based on anonymised data from our programmes.

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Rapidly build employee self-awareness through our powerful human-AI model.


See your employees flourish with increases in productivity, loyalty and wellbeing.


Bring out the natural firepower of your leaders and change-makers.


Our programmes give them the support, insight and space to help their ideas drive dynamic change in your organisation.



Brilliant leadership transforms organisations.


Our programmes help great leaders perform to their full potential by rapidly building self-awareness, adaptability and communication skills.

Inclusion & Diversity

When it comes to diversity, we’re the experts.


Our powerful combination of supportive human relationship and deep insights is the solution where traditional diversity programmes are failing.

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