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The Power Of Networked Coaching

Certain things in life thrive when supported by a group effort… the creating of a home, the raising of a child, and the growth of a business. It’s a cumulative endeavour to sustain an effective and positive outcome, underpinned by the expertise of like-minded advocates. At Untapped.AI we know it takes our entire organisation to support just one of our clients. And that’s why we believe in the power of Networked Coaching.

Not only do we champion Networked Coaching in our coaching methodology, but we also practise what we preach on home turf. Untapped.AI has its own unique internal company networks to fortify the incredible results we glean with our specially-designed programs.

It all starts with our EMCC accredited one-on-one expert Coaches who connect with their Users (clients) through our digital platform in a confidential environment of support. The emphasis is on increased self-awareness while building trust in the relationship so a User can share their situation, and understand how better to manage the hurdles. This is the part of the program which utilises the strength of the human bond – and amazing results occur – but it doesn’t stop there. In the background at Untapped.AI, there is a wealth of other support; everyone who works with a User has a vast network behind them.

Our globally accredited EMCC methodology pulls on the expert knowledge of our team of psychotherapists, behavioural neuroscientists and organisational psychologists. The layers are many. And because this army of deep thinkers has a shared responsibility towards this networked end result, the quality is extremely high.

So many conversations happen about how we can maintain the standards that go on behind the scenes. Every Coach is part of a small group of peers, led by an experienced Head Coach, and their aim is to discuss what’s going well and what could be done better while sustaining each other and the common goals. Then there’s the skilled knowledge of the clinical Supervisors who work confidentially with Coaches to reflect on their client relationships, develop professional expertise and uphold the quality of work.

Because we exist at such a high level of input to create something exceptional, our research team supplies the latest in data to enable ground-breaking thought leadership, and the tech department is continually improving our digital platform for the ultimate User experience.

At the heart of our tech sits our Self-Awareness AI. This acts as a third eye to give deep and revealing insights into the individual and their behaviour. It confidentially uses the employee data to pick up bottlenecks, collating it over time to give an increasingly nuanced and intelligent understanding.

And as our unique methodology of Networked Coaching stretches even further to the core of the various organisations on our client base, we are able to feed back data on common themes, potential blockers and previously unseen insights to influence overall change in their culture and company behaviour. This joining up erodes the perennial issue of siloed thinking by encouraging a more inclusive networked accountability for oneself, others and the organisation.

In a recent article in the Financial Times, it was reported that “Research shows that by drawing on large data sets from many coaching sessions, AI could become “more efficient in helping clients to achieve their goals, such as by the best selection of tools and exercises or questions to ask”. The study notes that while a bot could help automate some processes, it is “unlikely to take over the entire coaching process . . . AI coaching is likely to be successfully employed after appropriate problem identification . . . leading clients through many steps of a systematic coaching process”.

We believe there is a positive ripple effect when large groups of individuals undertake coaching at the same time. And so, the aim of Untapped.AI is to foster individual personal growth, which ultimately feeds into the wider network of organisational growth. The filaments are far-reaching, complex, potent and, as some clients say, life-changing. As German psychologist, Kurt Koffka said, “The whole is other than the sum of parts.” Yes, there is power in the cumulative effort; capture it and thrive.

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